first freebag for pregnancy and motherhood


first freebag for pregnancy and motherhood


first freebag for pregnancy and motherhood

first freebag for pregnancy and nursing mothers

a special time

nurturing your well being and tranquillity

caring for your body and good health

adapting your environment

nursing your child


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first freebag for pregnancy and motherhood
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rest and relaxation

a growing baby takes a lot from your body 

it's important to give yourself quality time to rest and relax properly

First Freebag for comfortable rest and relaxation - click for larger image
First Freebag - ante natal & post natal excercises in comfort, wherever you go - click for larger image exercises

but there's also work to be done

ante natal exercises to prepare yourself for the birth and post natal exercises to get back on track afterwards


whether your baby is breast fed or bottle fed, feeding should be comfortable for both you and your baby

arm, neck and back strain are a common hazard for nursing mothers

first freebag helps to support your baby at a comfortable level reducing stress on the supporting arm and improving posture

and your baby can relax, bathed in their own body warmth reflected from the first freebag

First Freebag - support cushion for breastfeeding to avoid back and arm strain - click for larger image
First Freebag used as a changing mat - click for larger image changing

warm and cradling first freebag makes any surface a comfortable changing mat

pockets in the first freebag can hold a spare nappy & wipes for when you are out and about

out and about

with all the 'stuffing' down one end your first freebag can be used as a stool for low level feeding in a car seat or stroller...without straining your back

sitting support

when your baby first moves to a sitting position the first freebag can be used to prop them up

later when they are toddling the first freebag is light enough for them to move about themselves !

seat for two

first freebag helps to you adapt to a small infant world

a portable comfortable bean bag - for two !

First Freebag, a seat for two - click for larger image return to top of page